Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ep. 2X01 - Psychic Distance to the Future.

Next time on Psychic Distance: The deep, disturbing truth about Tony's hand dexterity is revealed. Is Tony truly left-handed? Or does he maintain some skills exclusive to his right hand? WHICH HAND DOES HE EAT WITH? Stay tuned for all this and more in Season 2 of Psychic Distance!

(Also, thanks to everyone for supporting the comic, we're proud to be able to provide the Internets with our lolz. YOU'RE WELCOME, INTERNETS.)


Tiago said...

TJ are you a Dr. Who-esque time traveler going back and forth in time AND space, or a Terminator-esque one-way streaker, or are you really a Black Knight-esque time traveler randomly crossing time thanks to some poorly written plot device?

Happy anniversary!

deaspoon said...

I'm going with a Quantum Leap-esque time traveler. That's about as sophisticated as TJ's gets.

deaspoon said...

You make them. I read them. That's the deal. If you don't have time to continue this affair, I suggest we call it off. It's hard getting harder to make it through each week without my usual dose of lolz. Now do it to it!

Fafafa Fa Fafa Fafafa FA! Better. Run-run-run-run...Run-run-RUNAWAY. Sorry. Listening to The Talking Heads while writing this.