Friday, August 15, 2008

Ep. 1X35 - Hitler Was an OK Dude Until He Got Lost Without G-maps on His Cell

TJ: Oh hey, Gran-Gran! Long time no speak! How have you been? How's Grandpa? Oh, and how was that cruise you just got back from?

Gran-Gran: Yeah, sweetie, I'm gonna need to hear less pointless drivel and more about the FUCKING BEST ROUTE TO GET TO CRACKER BARREL. Oh, and if you could also click the "avoid major highways" option I'd sure appreciate it, dear.


Dani said...

See? I don't want to hear anymore shit from you about my GPS dependence. I can quit anytime I want dammit!

tiago said...

Ahh, that reminds me of when I was on the phone with my dad while driving through a tornado watch patch of Indiana at night.