Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ep. 1X30 - Do NOT Hang This Comic in Your Cubicle. Ass.

"Oh, hey, Bob. Could you not hang that comic on THAT wall? That's my clean wall. I like to keep all my "fun" stuff over here on the left. See? It's a picture of a kitten looking sad, and it says "is it Friday yet?" You know what I'm saying? Even in the natural world, Bob. Even kittens, you know? So yeah, if you could put it over there, that would be great. Thanks, man. Awesome Dockers."


Jill said...

Nicely done. I am sitting in my cubicle as we speak. Now I think I will go print this out and hang it on my fun wall, right next to some New Yorker cartoons about publishing.


cadeira said...

I <3 Dilbert. The one today with cameras...uhm, right.
Actually, it´s kinda true what you´re saying though... I´m 23 and have arguments with my colleagues about who orders the staples. Need to get out of that part-time job.
Question: When are you starting into a new "Season" *has no idea how internet strips work*, because it says 1x30.


Anonymous said...


"Needs more French fires."

Yes, French fires. FUCK POTATOES.

Starling said...

I would totally hang this in my cubicle. If I had one.
Maybe I'll just hang it next to my desk in order to remind myself why I can't work in offices.